[teknoids] Exam archive platform?

Phillip C. Bohl phillip.bohl at pepperdine.edu
Tue Feb 28 15:58:55 EST 2017

We have spoken with the folks at bepress about the possibility of moving
our exams onto Digital Commons.  They were very encouraging and were
willing to help us but at the moment it is not an active project.

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On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 11:29 AM, Hirsh, Kenneth (hirshkh) <
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> Would a repository platform serve for this purpose?
> Ken
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> Subject: [teknoids] Exam archive platform?
> We're looking to migrate our exam archive away from its current custom
> application and into something more easily managed/maintained. What are
> other schools using these days to host their bank of old exams? I've
> seen/previously used an ILS e-reserve system—not a viable option for us—and
> various Learning Management Systems—we have Canvas, but it's interface
> doesn't really do what we need. What else is there (other than building a
> new custom application in Drupal, Wordpress, or some other framework)?
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