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We similarly run a daily job to draw data from ACES2 to admit students into Banner.  We get notified of any "push errs", where there usually is a ID matching question.   But for the most part, it has worked fine.



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It isn't an easy or perfect solution, but we use SRTload to draw student data from ACES2 (a database used by admissions) to populate Banner with basic student data.  We worked with the university systems team to create the processes, and we're still experiencing a few data transfer problems.  That said, it's the best system we've come up with to date.



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Does anyone have an easy system in place for getting their College of Law students into their main campus Banner (by Ellusian) system?  For certain students we have an online application which we (our Law School) maintains, however these students need to get into our main campus database which uses Banner if they are accepted.  Is there a data-file type template we can use to easily import these students into Banner.  I'm learning more about Banner and am reaching out for anyone that has found an easy system for importing students into Banner database tables.


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