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Call for Presentations and Speakers

On behalf of Georgia State University College of Law and the Consortium for
Access to Justice: A Collaborative Community of Law Practice Incubators and
Nonprofit Law Firms, you are invited to submit proposals for presentations
and suggestions for topics and speakers for the April conference.

While the submission page is finalized, email Bucky Askew, visiting
professor of law, at haskew at gsu.edu
<haskew at gsu.edu?subject=Access%20to%20Justice%20Conference%20submission%20>.
The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, Jan. 19.

The conference will explore the continued growth of programs that focus on
delivery of services for groups without access to legal resources. Along
with the basics of creating and implementing incubator programs, nonprofit
and sliding scale law firms, the conference will address, among other

   - Training lawyers for sustainable "justice gap" practice;
   - Marketing and community outreach;
   - Assessing the impact of programs and practices on the community,
   individual clients, and lawyer satisfaction;
   - Using technology and other tools to deliver services to "justice gap"
   clients; and
   - Collaboration between bench, bar and academia

 The conference program will be posted once the program committee has
reviewed the proposals and suggestions and prepared the schedule of
speakers and events.

If you have questions, contact any of us directly.

*Shantelle Argyle* (shantelle at openlegalservices.org)
*Stephanie Everett* (stephanie at l4ej.org
<stephanie at l4ej.org?subject=Access%20to%20Justice%20Conference>)
*Luz Herrera* (Herrera at law.tamu.edu)
*Tony Lai* (tony at legal.io
<tony at legal.io?subject=Access%20to%20Justice%20Conference%20>)
*Meredith Miller* (meredithmiller at gmail.com)
*Fred Rooney* (fredprooney at gmail.com)

John Mayer
Executive Director
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction/CALI
565 West Adams
Chicago, IL  60661
312-906-5280 - fax
jmayer at cali.org
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