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Tue Dec 12 12:48:46 EST 2017

I wasn’t on duty yesterday but apparently the end of the day was a huge mess here at Tulane. My colleague ran into numerous crashes and a bunch of people had the “service won’t start” error.

It seems to me that Examplify has a lot of serious bugs they need to work out. We’ve got two more days to go.

Mike Friedman
Senior Information Systems Coordinator
Tulane University  Law School
mfriedman1 at tulane.edu

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Hello All,

Well, we are into our second week of exams using Examplify here at Pepperdine. Other than a general slow connection to the portal, so far (knock on wood) we haven't had any major issues. This is due in large part to the information you all have shared regarding problems you encountered.

At this point in our exam season, all of our 600+ students have successfully completed at least 1 exam with Examplify with over 700+ successful exam uploads.

We were able to get the word out ahead of time regarding precautionary measures for users and that seems to have paid off (still knocking on wood).

We have been fortunate that most of our students use 64-bit laptops, which spared them from the memory leak issue encountered by 32-bit users.

We also turned off spell-check for everyone, so while that feature is dearly missed... it has ensured a consistent experience for all users.

I was just emailing to see if any other Examplify users have encountered any more issues within the past week? We are trying to keep ahead of any potential problems that might impact our students and would appreciate any updates you may have. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Michael Vogt
Manager for Instructional Technology
Pepperdine Law School
(310) 506-7209
michael.vogt at pepperdine.edu<mailto:michael.vogt at pepperdine.edu>
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