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How do you get back into Windows to start the service? Once the laptop restarts and the user logs back in, it usually goes directly to Examplify in the secure mode.

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I had a similar issue this morning.   Student had Examplify windows crash.   Rebooted, went into Windows 10 desktop.   Tried to run Examplify and it gave Examplify service not started message.   Started service, tried to run Examplify and then it gave "Already in an exam".   Rebooted again, again went to Windows 10 desktop.  Checked to make sure service had started before run Examplify.  Service had already started, started Examplify and he got back into his exam.  Took 18 minutes.



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On Friday, we had a new problem with Examplify. A student's laptop crashed a few minutes before the end of an exam and one of our tech support folks assisted and restarted it. On restart, it would not load Examplify and we got the application service error message. Now because the software crashed before the student was able to submit the exam, Examplify was still running and so we could not manually start the service.

After several restarts with the same result, we called their regular support line. After an almost 3 hour call, we were able to get back into Windows but we were told that the problem would need to be escalated to Tier 2 support for us to be able to upload the exam as it was not exited properly and the Tier 1 support tech could not fix that issue.

We had the same problem again with another exam taker later in the afternoon and this time, I called the admin support line. I explained what was happening and was told that I would need to call Microsoft to get out of the reboot loop. Luckily, we tried restarting a third time and we were able to get back into Examplify, exit the exam and submit it.

Has anyone else seen this happening?

Ian K. Brown
College of Law
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