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Yes, Examplify.   Sorry about that. Long day.

Also, an update.  Found out shortly afterwards that Stetson is having the same issues since they started exams last Thursday.  They tried having students disable the antivirus on windows machines prior to launching Examplify to no avail.



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You don't specify but I assume you mean on Examplify? We are still using SofTest and our exams start next week. Please advise. Thanks.
Pat Guido
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Good Evening, Fellow Noids

We had our first day of exams and we had a total of 26 Windows exam takers (10 this morning during two upper level exams, 16 users from 1L exams in the afternoon) who had the same problem today.  About an hour and 30 to an hour and 40 minutes in the exams, those windows users experienced an Examsoft crash, with an error stating something basically to the effect "End Program Now.   Examsoft is stopping."  Users also noted flashing black screens.    It only happened once per exam and once they rebooted, they were able to get back into the exam right where they had left off.  They did not experience another crash for the rest of the exam, unlike the mac issue in the spring.  Still, having this happen once for 26 users is just not good.

We talked to several of those students and none of them had disabled their anti-virus software prior to starting examsoft.  So we have asked them to disable their anti-virus software before their next exam.  It's weird that there seems to be some Examsoft process that runs on the windows machines about 90-100 minutes in, but we had first heard that from the students that crashed in the morning.  And then our Registrar was there for the issue in our moot courtroom for the afternoon exam.  It was like clockwork.  Five windows users went down in the span of a couple of minutes.

I opened a ticket with Examsoft as well as contacting our rep on the issue.  She noted that they are receiving widespread reports about mid-exam crashes and black screens that are effecting Windows users.  They are having students submit event viewer logs to support at examsoft.com<mailto:support at examsoft.com> along with their student ID and the name of the exam they experienced it on and they have instructions on how to do that.

We did not experience any file upload issues in Windows and only one or two with mac users, who apparently haven't rebooted their computers in at least a week.  Once they rebooted, they were fine.  No exam crashes in the middle of mac exams whatsoever.

Hope this helps in someway.




Gary Moore
Assistant Dean for Academic Technology
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