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Wondracek, Jennifer Jennifer.Wondracek at untdallas.edu
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We have a quiz due at 1 pm today and are experiencing similar problems.  The majority of the issues are with Macs, but we also have one Windows user having trouble.

Just a FYI, the portal is up, but it is moving at the speed of snails.  If you go off and do something else, when you come back, the page will generally be loaded.

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Good Morning, Everyone,

There is a new issue this morning with Examsoft.   Examsoft sent out a message to exam administrators at 8:00 am this morning about a download issue Examsoft users are having this morning and as a result, Examsoft is moving to backup services to deal with the issue.

I can tell you that, at least for us, it is affecting any Mac users here trying to download exam templates from the Examsoft server.  Windows users are able to download the exam template files just fine.   Mac users get a timeout message.  I saw this on three Mac users (now if they had downloaded the templates ahead of time like they were told in at least two emails, they would not have had this issue).

I'll keep you posted on any updates on this.    A good Monday morning to all of you as well. :)



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