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Good Morning, Michael

Well, the 1L Exam pre release wasn't bad on Monday.  We only had one 1L exam out of the three using Softest.  We had three computers that had multiple freezes but had extra time.

As for the post update release being a fix, not sure on that.  In the 2L/3L Income Tax exam that I was covering, there were two macs out of the entire class (and we're 2/3 mac) that had the new release, that were on 10.12.4 and yet had three freezes each.  However, there were several other 10.12.4 Sierra Macs with the new release in that room that didn't freeze at all.

We're going to get the logs from the one computer that I verified had 10.12.4 and the new release, yet had the freeze today and send that to Examsoft.

We have one 2L/3L exam this morning.   I'll be checking on that.

I can tell you that the freeze prior to the new release did not have to do with whether the softest exams were secured or not. The 1L exam on Monday with Softest was unsecured.   Still froze.

I'll keep you all posted on any updates.   Tomorrow is our big day with three morning exams and then all three 1L afternoon exams on softest.


Gary Moore
Assistant Dean for Academic Technology
University of South Carolina School of Law
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Hi Gary

How did it go with your 1L exam before the update was released? Also, How did it go today, post update release? Is the fix really a fix?

We don't start until May 1st. I ran 3 tests templates today on a Mac with 10.12.4 and the ExamSoft update. My first attempt froze in the first 5 minutes. I rebooted and then no problems for the remainder of that test or the other two tests. Eek, false negative? More testing tomorrow.

Michael Wagenheim
Director of IT
James E Rogers College of Law
The University of Arizona
wagenhei at email.arizona.edu

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We started exams today.  We are 66% Mac overall with over 400 students using Macs.
In the exam room I was in this morning, we had 55 2L and 3L students.  Of those 55, 6 students who had Macs w latest operating system froze on average 5-6 times.

I had sent a message out last week once we were aware of the Softest issue, noting to Mac users not to upgrade if they haven't already and noting to those who had about the issue.  Thankfully for once it seems students not upgrading their OS came in handy.

We only have one 1L exam this afternoon using softest, so I will be curious to see the #s there.  The sooner Examsoft fixes this problem, the better.

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