[teknoids] [EXTERNAL] ExamSoft issue with latest MacOS update

Wondracek, Jennifer Jennifer.Wondracek at untdallas.edu
Thu Apr 13 17:48:10 EDT 2017

We notified students and recommended not installing the update (It is posted in Canvas as a global announcement until the end of finals). We also mentioned that we have 20 checkout laptops if anyone has already done the upgrade and prefers to take the quiz/exam on our system.

Regarding the three-finger tap, we are considering affidavits like we did with the Touch Bar feature before it was disabled.

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How are you approaching this issue?

We have been told by their technical support that students may find a need to reboot as many as ten times during an exam.

This is worse than terrible.

We have a 1L performance exam on Thursday this week.  We figure at least 50% of our students have already installed the MacOS update.

How is Exam4 doing these days?


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Dear ExamSoft Administrators,

With finals quickly approaching, we want to update you on two items that are limited to students who are using the MacOS, which might impact your upcoming exams.

The first is a recent update to MacOS Sierra. Mac OS 10.12.4, which was released on March 24th is causing mid-exam freezes. Shortly after its release, we began receiving reports of this issue on devices that had updated to this version. Thanks to the outpouring of information from clients like you, we have been able to identify the root cause of the issue. We are currently working with Apple to identify the best way to resolve this freeze.

At this time, we recommend that students who have not yet updated to 10.12.4 refrain from doing so. We are aware that many students have already updated, and we are actively working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

In addition, we want to ensure you are aware of an Apple feature that allows you to define words using a three-finger tap. While students are able to see definitions of the selected words, they are not able to insert any content. During a secure exam, this feature is not being disabled. In the short term, students can manually turn off this functionality prior to starting an exam using the instructions found here<http://go.examsoft.com/e/15302/-disable-3-finger-tap-on-a-mac/9n14y6/636986789>,  We understand that this is not a long term fix and plan to address vulnerability in a new release of our testing software over the summer.

We appreciate your patience while we investigate and resolve the items outlined above.  We will update you as new information is made available.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer success specialist.


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