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We are using “Turnitin.com” integrated with our learning management system.  For the most part we like it, although it doesn’t detect material that is only available behind paywalls.  So if we suspect anything is plagiarized from an article on Westlaw or Lexis we still have to do a hand “copy paste.”


One of the great advantages to Turnitin is that it provides consistency across courses.  Frankly, many doctrinal professors don’t care at all about plagiarism checking, or don’t think it’s their job.  Even in legal writing courses, where everyone is supposed to be teaching best practices and affirmatively checking for plagiarism, some professors are better than others at actually spotting suspected plagiarism.  This means that some students get away with murder and others don’t, depending on who is teaching their course.  Turnitin at least gives a consistent report to all professors—like a red flag to show them when they need to be looking out.  And if a paper pings more than 50% then we check it administratively too.


Another thing our writing teachers like about Turnitin is the Grademark function, which is great for team grading.  It makes it very easy for a team of teachers grading various sections of the same course to correct papers on line, and gives a number of canned comments that link to a grammar book students can click on when they get the comment.  Our professors can add to the various comments that are already there, so, for example, I can click a button and it tells a student to use IRAC and then explains what it is or links to part of our online textbook.  And the professor in charge of the course can check the comments made by the other teachers to see that students are getting the same level of feedback.


What I don’t like about Turnitin is the fact that it seems to go down for maintenance at least once or twice a month.  It’s also a little bit of a learning curve for teachers.




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Good Morning,

What plagiarism tool[s] is your law school using in your writing/paper courses?  Any preferences?  Thank you in Advance. -Patty


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