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We have a Canvas course set up specifically for this purpose.  I loaded the students in based on division (2L evening, 2L day, etc.)  This allows our SBA rep to set up the elections specific to the division.  We found out that if we just did an open ballot, we had 2L day students accidentally voting for 1L evening student reps.  I train the SBA rep who is responsible for elections on how to set up anonymous surveys in the Canvas course, and once the results are in, I certify the results for the SBA (PDF the results and put my signature to it).

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Hello Teknoids,

I'm curious if anyone on the list can speak to how their schools handle student elections. Are you using an in-house custom web application or a third-party service (and if so, which one)?

As an addition if you happen to know, what office/individual sets up and administers elections? Is your Student Affairs office handling this, SBA representatives themselves, or your web team?

Happy to receive replies off-list.


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