[teknoids] LLRX is back - after July off - all new articles - all in WordPress - please return and read soon!

Sabrina Pacifici spacific at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 20 05:22:26 EDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

After many years on an older version of a content management system, I
migrated my site, *LLRX*, to the new version of WordPress.

You will now enjoy and benefit from a redesigned LLRX.com - same name, same
URL, but with an all new look - at
*http://www.llrx.com <http://www.llrx.com>*
The site is very much alive and vibrant - there are terrific new articles
for August and September (still seeking articles for this months and the
months to come). I am still working on improving the site, so it is a work
in progress. Ideas welcome!

Please visit and read, as you have for the past 20 years, for Free.

And please visit me on Twitter, https://twitter.com/LLRX
where I post daily, on issues, resources and information not duplicated on
either LLRX or beSpacifc - my sister sites.

Moving forward, I do ask that you consider supporting LLRX. I am now using
a PayPal button - *Buy Me a Coffee!* to help support the costs of the site,
which are entirely paid by me. So each time you visit, please consider
supporting LLRX.com using the PayPal button.

Your support is appreciated, and I will continue to maintain LLRX as a
community of best practice and knowledge sharing for a wide range of
professionals who are critical members of organizations in all sectors.

I welcome your visits, your articles, presentations, infographics, guides,
bibliographies, what ever you would like to share with thousands of readers
each month.

*New articles for August and September are:*
*>Mecha Justice: When Machines Think Like Lawyers* >Peter Drucker and the
Forward Focused Mindset >Visiting Thailand>Deans of Virginia University
Libraries to Chairman Goodlatte: First Do No Harm in Copyright
Revision >Locating
Foreign Civil Codes >Tech and makerspaces vs. the book culture? No need for
this clash *>Green Files 2016*

Thank you.

With my regards,


Sabrina I. Pacifici
Editor, Publisher, Founder
LLRX.comĀ® - the free web journal established in 1996 - Reliable, current
and actionable information and resources - on the "moving edge" of law,
technology and knowledge discovery - for Librarians, Lawyers, Researchers,
Academic and Public Interest Communities.
https://twitter.com/LLRX <http://twitter.com/LLRX>
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Researcher/Author, beSpacificĀ®
Accurate research surfacing documents and resources focused on law,
technology, government reports, and knowledge discovery - with a global
perspective. Updated daily since 2002 with a searchable database of 40,000
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