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Dear Chad,

The Moodle quiz function can do that.  And you can now get Moodle cloud hosting for free if your law school doesn’t use Moodle.  


But it’s not as user friendly as TWEN and not quite as simple as just uploading a database.  You have to put the questions in either one at a time or I think you can upload a batch of question in SCORM format, but I haven’t tried that.  


I use it all the time in classes to do exactly what I think you are suggesting.  You have the option of showing them whether the answer was right or wrong at the end of each question or at the end of each full quiz, and of showing them the explanation after each question, at the end, or not at all.  


When you have your questions created, you simply create a quiz and you can insert randomly generated questions from among the ones you created.  Students can take it as often as you allow, within the time period you allow, and they will keep getting different questions until Moodle runs out of questions they haven’t tried, at which point it starts to repeat.    


You can’t exactly get students to generate their own quizzes, but having the randomizing ones open does practically the same thing.  And if you want to divide them by topics, you simply create your questions in different folders, and then create separate quizzes, having Moodle pick ones randomly from the particular folder.




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A request from our faculty for an exam database/exam generator website or app, anyone have one they could recommend?


“I've got a bunch of practice multiple choice problems that I'd like to give to my tax students to help them prepare for their midterm and final.  What I'd love is a software program or website that lets me upload the questions to a database, (perhaps designate a topic hidden from the student), and then the students could generate quizzes consisting of a random assortment of questions from the database (or perhaps if there is a topic designation, one from each topic).  Students would take the quizzes online and be told at the end how many right or wrong, but not the explanations.  They would be able to retake the quizzes an unlimited number of times, because it is practice.


I tried to get Westlaw's TWEN to do this, but it doesn't seem to have the ability.”


Thank you - Chad


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