[teknoids] Problems with TWEN messaging

Sampson, Sara sampson.8 at osu.edu
Thu Oct 27 14:52:26 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Just a heads up that we've been experiencing significant problems with messages from TWEN not making it into student inboxes.  After some investigation from both our law school IT folks and the University IT staff who run our email service,  we've concluded  there are problems on  Thomson Reuters' end that must be fixed before anything can be done by the Exchange Engineer in the University IT department.  The messages are being screened out as spam for many reasons (for example, the messages are sent as messages with a masked from address of @osu.edu).   This means they aren't making it into the junk mail or regular inbox, so the normal workarounds don't work.

I'll admit that we have fairly significant security protocols (the University's Chief Security Officer came from the banking world), but it would surprise me if no one else is experiencing this issue.  We've reported this to Thomson Reuters, so hopefully it will be fixed.  In the meantime, we're advising faculty not to rely on the messaging system for TWEN to communicate with students.


[The Ohio State University]
Sara Sampson
Assistant Dean for Information Services, Interim Assistant Dean for Communications, Director of Law Library, and Senior Lecturer
Moritz College of Law
274B Drinko Hall, 55 West 12th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210-1391

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