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Johnson, Cyndi johnson at law.unm.edu
Tue Oct 25 15:44:00 EDT 2016

Good afternoon,
Our SBA is exploring ideas to solve two ongoing problems because of the ever-revolving door of student organization leadership, including the SBA. Part of the solution will, no doubt, be policy but they are also researching how other law schools handle these issues. I volunteered to post to the list to see what the rest of you are doing. Here are their concerns:

1)      Too many events and workshops scheduled at the same time. These could be during our "golden hour" (ie, lunch) or evenings/weekends. Some of the events are sponsored by the student orgs but obviously, many are put on by the law school (Career/Student Services and others). We do have a process for requesting a room as well as a master calendar, listing all events, but apparently students are not good about checking to see if there are other events scheduled. They say the calendar is too buried on the web site to easily check. Or maybe they just don't want to take the time to open the website and make two clicks....your call. Anyway, other than displaying the master calendar in a prominent location and perhaps implementing policy limiting the number of events held in any given day, does anyone have suggestions for a solution to this issue?

2)      Although we offer to give student orgs a file share on one of our servers, they have taken to using Google Docs, apparently just because it's what they know and use for their personal documents. The problem, of course, is there's no control and not necessarily any continuity when students leave. What do the rest of you to do facilitate this?

Cyndi Johnson
Director/Assistant Dean for Information Technology
UNM School of Law
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