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As an alternative perspective, GSU has used Digital Measures for several years and it has not been popular. (We are required to use it to produce annual reports for our deans and as a way of providing a database of faculty activity.

Some of the problems may be due to the old interface (ours was recently upgraded and is more friendly) and the setup by the University. It is often difficult to categorize activities using the structure and categories used by the University. Because of this, it has been difficult to automatically generate cv or bio pages because things show up in weird categories.

On the up side, it has the potential to capture a great deal of data that would be useful to be able to scrape and manipulate. I think the potential is there and it is a matter of the setup and categorizations being done well.


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Hi Ken,

Our business school at UNC just started using that Activity Insights platform, and my counterpart there says the faculty seem to have adapted to it quickly, with few technical issues. From what I heard, it ain't cheap.

We built something called "Faculty Notes" within our internal website that faculty are asked to use to capture speaking engagements, op-eds, publications and other service work. That generates data for our communications and academic affairs offices, which they use in various ways to promote the work of people. But I don't think it is used much in the tenure & promotion process.


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Good morning all,
What tools or platforms are you using to keep track of faculty activities? I'm thinking of publications, speaking engagements, and like items that the school would like to publicize and refer back to when describing its accomplishments or advancing its reputation. We've been contacted by Digital Measures<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.digitalmeasures.com%2f&data=01%7c01%7ckrisn%40gsu.edu%7c637fcc5f1313473f45f908d389681bd7%7c515ad73d8d5e4169895c9789dc742a70%7c0&sdata=HGVpY5DeF9tkPEaiiilEaazTIT71YpvITHLmLLuttf0%3d> about their "Activity Insight" product. I am also reaching out on campus to learn whether there is a campus platform already in place.
Thanks for your responses!

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