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MOORE, GARY GMOORE at law.sc.edu
Thu Mar 10 11:45:56 EST 2016

Hello Fellow Noids,

Hope all is well with everyone.   We have a classroom that we call our "Sandbox", where we have regular classes and where we are using/testing out the technology we plan to have in our new building come next May.   This semester we purchased some Extron Equipment for our Sandbox;  both the Extron Annotator 300, an annotation system and the Extron Sharelink 200, a "collaboration gateway" where you stream and share display/video content.

Finally we are looking at the Extron MediaPort 200 that would allow us to integrate our Polycom videoconferencing systems with software codec videoconference applications like Skype & Google Hangouts.

I was wondering any other schools are using any of these Extron solutions and would mind talking to me on them.   Please let me know and thanks in advance.



Gary Moore
Assistant Dean for Academic Technology
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Phone - 803-777-8296
E-mail - Gmoore at law.sc.edu
Web - http://law.sc.edu

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