[teknoids] recurring problem with Scannex Book Scancenter

Courtney L. Selby Courtney.L.Selby at hofstra.edu
Wed Mar 9 16:49:46 EST 2016

We have one of these (http://www.scannx.com/book-scancenter) and mostly we love it.  Except when we don't.  I recall that several of you indicated you had this same machine, so I'm reaching out with a very specific question.  I'm stumped.  I've googled and talked to all the Acrobat Pro heavy users I know.  Still no solution.

Sometimes (not every time) when you scan a multi-page document, one or more pages of the document appear smaller than the rest of the pages.  I've attached a case in point.  The original image is from a 5x7 document.  On first opening, all 4 pages seem to be the same size.  However, as you scroll down at least one of the pages suddenly shrinks.

We have a couple of good methods for correcting the scans, and while they ultimately yield scans with all the same size pages, we'd like the scan to work properly the first time.
Any thoughts?

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