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Thank you for this email John!  I understand your position. If others would like to brainstorm or create a comment, please email me off the listserv at pbaia at albanylaw.edu<mailto:pbaia at albanylaw.edu>.  ☺ -Patty

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I wouldn't presume to speak for everyone.  ;-)

The format and process seems pretty straightforward.  If people want to submit a comment - and I do encourage them to consider - they should.

Having read the document, I am not sure if I want to comment.  Education is a complex market and there are definitely many things that are broken. Tuition costs are very high and the marketing seems to be aimed (generally speaking) at giving students a country-club experience.  Not all schools are doing this of course.

The for-profit entries create market competition and so market pressure.  Some of these are out and out scams only looking to get the guaranteed Federal Student Loan dollars.  They are designed for high attrition and low delivery.   Other programs, however, might be the only way some people can attend college because of the flexibility of online programs.   Quality is difficult to measure in all cases.

I have expertise in some of this, but I don't think I could design a perfect system of evaluation or regulation.  That is why I hesitate to comment.  That is partly my nature - and - CALI is a not a lobbying organization.  Asking "CALI" the entity to voice an opinion would technically require me to (at least) get my Board of Directors to agree and (at most) a majority of our membership.

I appreciate the request, but respectfully decline. I do hope others on the list take a look and comment.  This is something that will/does affect us all.


On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 10:05 AM, Baia, Patricia <pbaia at albanylaw.edu<mailto:pbaia at albanylaw.edu>> wrote:

Good Morning,

When you all have a moment, can you read this: http://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases/education-department-proposes-rule-state-authorization-postsecondary-distance-education-foreign-locations.

At the end, it mentions we could submit public comments by August 24th.  I was wondering if CALI, could take the lead on this and collect/create comments on behalf/in collaboration with other law schools doing or thinking of doing distance education for LLMs or MSLS, not necessarily JDs?

Thoughts? -Patty

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