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We use our iclickers (every student is issued one when they arrive their 1L year, but there are also phone apps).  The students register their clickers for their classes.  At the beginning of the class, the professor asks a question and opens the clicker answer software for a few minutes.  The data is saved initially to a USB drive that has been set up with the professor's roster.  The iclicker data is then uploaded into Canvas by the professor or faculty support from their associated USB drive (not a difficult process).

My biggest tip is to label each professor's USB drive with their name.  They will inevitably forget it in the classroom at least once per semester.


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We are currently looking into new methods that are out there for attendance tracking.  We have looked into products such as AccuClass and TealPass, but are wondering what methods, tools or systems other schools are currently using for attendance tracking.  We would like to be able to incorporate the use of our current ID cards (RFID cards) for attendance tracking, but are open to other methods.

Unfortunately, I do not have any specific questions, but would like to receive a brief overview of what methods you are using.

Thank you in advance for responding.

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