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Ramsey, Robert L robert-ramsey at uiowa.edu
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I may not be with a law college anymore, but I know our university uses an in-house app to track required attendance at concerts and performances.  Students just swipe their id on the way into the concert and it records them by university id.  Depending on the size of the room, they have two computers and mag strip readers going that just record the id on the card.  It's fairly quick, simple, and easy to do.  The older mag strip readers are pretty much like keyboards, so they just type in whatever they read.  RFIDS should work the same or pretty close.

Bob Ramsey
University of Iowa

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We are currently looking into new methods that are out there for attendance tracking.  We have looked into products such as AccuClass and TealPass, but are wondering what methods, tools or systems other schools are currently using for attendance tracking.  We would like to be able to incorporate the use of our current ID cards (RFID cards) for attendance tracking, but are open to other methods.

Unfortunately, I do not have any specific questions, but would like to receive a brief overview of what methods you are using.

Thank you in advance for responding.

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