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Sorry, I only have the 19” 4:3 Sympodiums. We are actually moving away from SMART or any other form of annotation, since I only have one professor that uses it. We’re not looking to replace this technology with anything. I do have a professor using her iPad to display and annotate, but I’m not involved with that at all, since she just needs a cable hookup to the projector, then she displays whatever she wants totally on device.

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We have a number of the 24" Smart branded interactive displays in our classrooms.

We use them for basic annotation in our larger classrooms.  They're a bit overkill but we do have a number of enthusiastic users.

As luck would have it, we are looking for some additional Smart Podium 524<https://smarttech.com/Solutions/Higher+Education+Solutions/Products+for+higher+education/Interactive+whiteboards+and+displays/SMART+Podium+interactive+pen+display> and are finding that they are extremely difficult to locate.

Not to mention they are VERY pricey.

I'm wondering two things:

1. does anyone have a couple of these (lightly used?) they'd be willing to sell to us?
2. does anyone have experience with a good annotation package coupled with a decent 24" or larger touch screen? -- this may be our best bet moving forward. We have some experience with ELO screens coupled with PointMaker as well as Crestron touch screens.

Many thanks!

Pepperdine Law
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