[teknoids] Seeking Syllabi for Courses where Tech is Taught to Law Students

John Mayer jmayer at cali.org
Fri Jul 8 09:17:06 EDT 2016


I am seeking copies of Syllabi (that you are willing to share with others)
or links to open websites with same, for courses where you are teaching
tech to law students.  This could cover...

Law Practice Technology Courses
Tech Competency
Using Tech in Law Practice
Ediscovery courses

At this point, I want to cast the net wide to see the whole landscape.  Not
looking for speculation or "we should do this", but actually used syllabi
from last year's courses.  I am getting a discussion list together, so
email me if you want to join it.   Already have a over a dozen folks on it.

Paul Birch
Jennifer Behrens
Brian J Donnelly
Elizabeth Farrell Clifford
Kenneth Hirsh
Jeannette Eicks
Jesse Bowman
John Mayer
Kerry Kassam
Mitchell Kowalski
Oliver Goodenough
Paul Birch
Roger Skalbeck
Sara Lee

I have also stood up a placeholder website at
http://techforlawstudents.classcaster.net/ as a place to put articles,
announcements, etc.


John Mayer
Executive Director
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction/CALI
565 West Adams
Chicago, IL  60661
312-906-5280 - fax
jmayer at cali.org
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