[teknoids] Smart Podium replacement

Timothy Divito tdivito at camden.rutgers.edu
Thu Jul 7 16:08:48 EDT 2016

We just installed an Extron Annotator 300 in one of our classrooms instead in place of a SMART podium display.


It takes an input from our video switcher (and his a few inputs of its own) and is very responsive.   It’s being used with an Extron switcher, but my guess is you could integrate it with other control tech as well.  We put a pretty basic 22” HP touch screen that used to be connected to a print-release station, but the image looks great.  The great thing about this is that it will annotate more than one source, so we have a document camera, apple TV VCR/DVD, VGA and HDMI laptop connections, and a PC all connected and those sources also all go out annotated over our video conference codac.   There is no software to install as the touch controls are right on the display.   There is another switcher involved (which we needed in the room anyway), so your mileage may vary.


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We have a number of the 24" Smart branded interactive displays in our classrooms.

We use them for basic annotation in our larger classrooms.  They're a bit overkill but we do have a number of enthusiastic users.

As luck would have it, we are looking for some additional Smart Podium 524<https://smarttech.com/Solutions/Higher+Education+Solutions/Products+for+higher+education/Interactive+whiteboards+and+displays/SMART+Podium+interactive+pen+display> and are finding that they are extremely difficult to locate.

Not to mention they are VERY pricey.

I'm wondering two things:

1. does anyone have a couple of these (lightly used?) they'd be willing to sell to us?
2. does anyone have experience with a good annotation package coupled with a decent 24" or larger touch screen? -- this may be our best bet moving forward. We have some experience with ELO screens coupled with PointMaker as well as Crestron touch screens.

Many thanks!

Pepperdine Law
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