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Hirsh, Kenneth (hirshkh) hirshkh at ucmail.uc.edu
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Good morning,
Several of us received the below message from what appears to be a new entrant in the case management system market. We’ve used ClioCloud here and I am familiar with MyCase, which does not offer academic licensing. Has any of you had any dealings with LexRex?
Kenneth J. Hirsh
Director of the Law Library and I.T.
Professor of Practice
University of Cincinnati College of Law
ken.hirsh at uc.edu<mailto:ken.hirsh at uc.edu>
(513) 556-0159

From: Ray Priddle, LexRex [mailto:communications at mylexrex.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 10:40 AM
To: Hirsh, Kenneth (hirshkh) <hirshkh at ucmail.uc.edu>
Subject: Practice Management Education-LexRex Academic Program

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Dear Kenneth J.,

We believe that enabling young lawyers and paralegals to gain early access to modern practice management software will help prepare them for their careers.

Through the LexRex Academic Program we are able to offer LexRex to faculty, administrators and, of course, students, at approved academic institutions free of charge. I am happy to report that University of Cincinnati College of Law is one of our approved institutions.

LexRex is legal practice management software that enables legal professionals to efficiently manage their clients and cases using, and getting the most out of, their preferred IT devices. It supports all the key processes from quickly recording client details, through comprehensive case management and billing to accepting online payments.

Multi-device use (smartphone, tablet, laptop) is one of the key components in the LexRex product philosophy. We recognize that the use of multiple devices delivers advantages to attorneys and all professionals – please see our recent article<http://zc1.maillist-manage.com/click.zc?od=11287eca64a792&repDgs=121f53c0d37fa003&linkDgs=121f53c0d37f9fdf> about this.

There are many ways that LexRex can be used in legal education, such as being used as a practical tool in a legal clinic to simulate real-world law firm activities. It can also be used as a tool to organize and track coursework progress.

In addition to the offer of free software licenses, we also provide free of charge:

  *   Demonstrations and customized training for use in the academic world.
  *   Support with data migration from other systems, if required.
  *   Unlimited online support.
  *   Access to an Account Manager, who is generally a qualified paralegal.

I will reach out over the next couple of days to see if you’d be interested in finding out more about our academic program. You can see an overview at LexRex Academic Program Introduction.<http://zc1.maillist-manage.com/click.zc?od=11287eca64a792&repDgs=121f53c0d37fa003&linkDgs=121f53c0d37f9fe3>

We are also able to offer commercially attractive arrangements to make LexRex available to your Alumni, if this is of interest.

In the meantime, you can find out more, or book a free demonstration, by visiting our website<http://zc1.maillist-manage.com/click.zc?od=11287eca64a792&repDgs=121f53c0d37fa003&linkDgs=121f53c0d37f9fe1>.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Best regards,

Ray Priddle
VP, Business Development

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