[teknoids] Tools to create a crowdsourced annotated bibliography

David_Holt at LB9.uscourts.gov David_Holt at LB9.uscourts.gov
Thu Aug 11 19:08:47 EDT 2016

Dear Teknoids,

I'm taking over editing responsibilities for a very large annotated 
bibliography project sponsored by AALL's SR-SIS.  The last edition was 
over 400 pages long in print.  I'm looking for ways to effectively 
crowdsource the project.  In the past, we used a Wordpress site and 
created a post for each bibliographic entry.  The process to move that to 
a print version was really laborious and time consuming.  I've looked at 
bibliography Wordpress plugins but none of them seem appropriate.  I've 
also looked at bibliographic management software like Zotero but there are 
a few problems as 1) it requires people to create accounts and 2) isn't 
well suited for detailed annotations.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!  :)

David Holt, MLIS, JD 
Branch Librarian, San Jose
Ninth Circuit Libraries
phone | 669.272.1629

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