[teknoids] Student Technology Survey Collaboration Opportunity - Part 2

Rich McCue rmccue at uvic.ca
Wed Aug 10 18:24:11 EDT 2016

Hello Teknoids,

We wanted to let you know where we are at with our Student Technology Survey collaboration effort. A group of us met via video conference earlier this week. Here are the highlights:

We made several minor changes to the survey, including adding an additional question, largely based on the suggestions of Deborah Ginsburg and Kenneth Hirsh. Here is the current version of the survey: https://goo.gl/JpDbhA
We discussed the possibility of using a follow-up focus group to address some of the questions that might benefit from the chance for greater depth (eg, student notetaking practices) or from more student experience than 1Ls have in the first few weeks.
We talked about the potential for sharing both survey results with each other.  To facilitate the sharing of this information, many universities require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for survey results that will be shared outside of school administration.  A sample letter of implied consent has been linked to from the survey for those interested in a template as many IRB’s require one: https://goo.gl/tY5uSS
We briefly talked about how we might share the results of our survey. Here are some ideas we came up with, but would appreciate your ideas and input:
Informally on the Teknoids listserv
Create CALI web page (or a web page somewhere else) to share results on
Other options?
Lastly we discussed the possibility of sharing anonymized raw survey data to facilitate cross institution research.

Again if you have any suggestions on the survey questions, or how and where we could share survey results and data, please either comment in the survey document (https://goo.gl/JpDbhA) or email us directly: will.monroe at law.lsu.edu<mailto:will.monroe at law.lsu.edu> & rmccue at uvic.ca<mailto:rmccue at uvic.ca>

Take Care,

Will & Rich

P.S. Ken will be a contestant on Jeopardy in the next couple of week, and the episode should air this fall. The good news is that Ken will not be going up against IBM’s Watson. Good luck Ken!

Rich McCue, MA, BComm
University of Victoria Libraries

twitter: @richmccue
ph: 250-508-5795

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