[teknoids] 2nd Monitor for Student Laptop users on campus?

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We placed three monitors on one of our pods last year.  We bought monitors
that accepted input from VGA, Display Port, and HDMI.  Then, we bought
cables for each and tied them together so all three are available for the
student regardless of computer type.  They have been well received.  There
have been times student have been using the station without making use of
the monitor, but I have been pleased with the usage.  But, like Judy said,
usage isn't tracked as it is with our PCs.


We also have a MediaScape in one of our study rooms.  Our students have
never really made use of it.  Initially, it was in our main lab.  It hardly
ever received use.  We thought moving it to a more private area would help,
but it didn't seem to matter. I think allowing students to use a second
monitor is the way to go.  


We also see a lot of students using our lab computer AND their laptops at
the same time.



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Just wondering if anyone has setup monitors for students to plug their
laptops on while in the law building or law library?  I thought I remembered
some discussion about a law school experimenting with this a few years ago.
Just wondering how the experiment went. 


I love the idea in theory, but not sure how well it would work in practice.
Dongles would probably have to be loaned out for mac users, and probably
Windows users now that there have been a proliferation of video out ports on
newer PC based laptops.


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