[teknoids] 37 Free Ways to Use Tech in Your Law School Course

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Looks great and I’ll gladly share with colleagues.  A few things I’d adapt:

(item by item):

3.  You might add a link to this recent article<http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2729241> in the Journal of Legal Ed on writing Wikipedia pieces for law school credit.

13.  Anki?  Come on, John!  SpacedRepetition.com is, objectively, a much better spaced repetition platform and was created by one of your favorite people (ahem).  I even presented at CaliCon<http://conference.cali.org/2014/sessions/spaced-repetition-technology-legal-education> on it!  It’s not *quite* free but a lot of schools have institutional plans that makes it so for students and the free version of Anki isn’t fantastic.

New:  I’d add…CaseText.com. There new method to have students help annotate cases is not only fun and educational, but it’ll help “free the law.”  Also, you’ve got sites like FantasySCOTUS<https://fantasyscotus.lexpredict.com/> that could be fun for con law courses.  I also am really into tools like Slack to keep an ongoing conversation going among students (sort of a corollary to the course google doc), and I’m learning about “personal kanban” and have found my (free) trello.com account to be super-useful.  Finally, with relative ease, I’ve created some Twitterbots recently (for example @NewLawBot which tweets a link to every new bill the president signs the moment he signs it), which students can also do using IFTTT.com.

Hope this helps – fantastic list!

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Hi folks,


New blog post on CALI's Spotlight blog.  I am planning to update/add/edit into the future.  I would be delighted to receive feedback.

If you think this is useful to your faculty, please do share.


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