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Good morning, Michael. Our wireless access is also controlled by our C-IT group. There’s a guest SSID that allows only ports 80 & 443. Access requires that the user agree to a terms of use that expires every 24 hours forcing the user to acknowledge it again for continued access. Specific answers to your questions below.

Cyndi Johnson
Director/Assistant Dean for Information Technology
UNM School of Law
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I’m interested to know how your schools handle guest wifi for group events.

At our school, central IT has a guest system where any employee (not student) can create a guest ID for their guest. You provide a name, contact information, department and reason for visit, and select a duration of 1 to 30 days (which begins immediately, so pre-staging is not practical). Guest access is granted by an individual (sponsor) to an individual, and the sponsor accepts some degree of responsibility for their guest’s use of the network. This works great for single visitors or small groups, but is very cumbersome for large groups, like if we were to host a CALI conference. Also the guest network is limited to outbound ports 80 and 443 only, which is an occasional problem, but not usually.

I would appreciate any information you can share on this topic, especially:

1 - Is guest wifi open or authenticated? -- Open
2 - If authenticated, is it individualized per guest or a shared generic guest password? -- N/A
3 - Is guest access time-limited (i.e. either by expiring an individual guest or rotating passwords before/after events or on schedule)? -- Users must agree to terms of use every 24 hours.
4 - If individualized, how to you handle large groups? Self-enrollment? -- N/A
5 - Do you have a sponsorship model that requires some sponsoring individual to accept responsibility for the individual or group of guests? -- N/A
6 - Anything else you feel is relevant, what works or doesn’t work well at your school, in your opinion. -- I know that they choke the bandwidth of this SSID and limit the IP address pool but since we don’t host conferences, I have not heard of any specific complaints.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

J. Michael Sparks
Director of Computing Services
Louisiana State University Law Center
225/578.8717 (f) 225/578.4682

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