[teknoids] Business Process Analysis Prior to New SIS & Financial Software System – Need info

Glennan, Barbara bag at cwsl.edu
Mon Sep 14 16:51:10 EDT 2015


We are about to upgrade our SIS and financial software systems and need to do a ‘Business Process Analysis’ ahead of selecting a vendor.

We are seeking wisdom from other institutions that have gone through this:

--How did you go about the BP analysis – did you hire a consultant or did you do it entirely in house or a hybrid of consultant and staff?
--Can you tell us any positive/negatives on the experience?
--Do you have any recommendations for companies/consultants in the Southern California area?

Thanks in advance for any information you have on this topic!


Barbara Glennan
Interim Co-Director
California Western School of Law Library
bglennan at cwsl.edu<mailto:bglennan at cwsl.edu>  v.619-525-1499

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