[teknoids] Lecture Capture/Streaming Survey

Corinne St. Claire corinne.stclaire at lls.edu
Fri Sep 4 15:21:23 EDT 2015

Hello, fellow techies!

We are in the process of reevaluating how we capture and deliver course
recordings on our campus.

The main campus uses Echo360.  We use a combination of (don't laugh) Real's
Helix Producer and a streaming server.  This helps since we not only
capture class recordings but events (like panels) as well.  The flexibility
is nice.  Recordings are organized by class and student access them through
TWEN or through a recording request app we have (long story).  However, for
live streaming, we use UStream.

The time has finally come to raise our eyebrows at all the that we are
doing and see if it's worth the time and money to change to a different

If you are willing, would you take this short survey about what y'all do at
your schools?  The results should show up after the survey, so if you're
also interested, you can check it all out.


Thanks much!


*Corinne St. Claire*
Assistant Director of Instructional Design and Technology
Loyola Law School
corinne.stclaire at lls.edu
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