[teknoids] The death of Flash...

Edmunds, Doug edmunds at unc.edu
Fri Oct 30 15:29:17 EDT 2015

Howdy CALI/teknoids peeps,

We are sick of Flash and all its inherent security vulnerabilities, and because of that I am ready to have my team start removing it on law school staff & faculty computers. That said, I am told that Westlaw and Lexis may rely on Flash for some of their advanced search features and have heard that CALI lessons may require the Flash plug-in. With HTML 5 at a mature stage and seeming to be the way of the future, and with Adobe's constant patching of Flash's security vulnerabilities, can you speak to whether CALI has plans to abandon Flash in favor of HTML5? Anyone know more about the Westlaw and Lexis dependencies?

(I know I'll probably get a rash of "are you crazy?! remove Flash?" replies. I am prepared for the onslaught. Here is some food for thought...

Cheers and Happy All Hallows' Eve!

Doug Edmunds
UNC School of Law
Assistant Dean for IT & Adjunct Instructor

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