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Mark, it's helpful to know that doing business with you means that my ordering history is subject to being aired in public. There were so many other ways you could have handled Grace's email with professionalism and class. It's a shame you didn't choose any of them.

Amy Taylor
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Frequently? The KIC system at Samford was purchased on 5/27/15 and shipped on 7/17/15. It's been there for only 90 DAYS; most of which was summer break... Mark S.

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We have one KIC as well as three Scannx stations. The KIC frequently has problems. The Scannx stations rarely have any issues.


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Scannx offers only one model; a flatbed book edge scanner with a 17" x 12" scan area.  Digital Library Systems Group (DLSG.com<http://dlsg.com>) offers the exact same flatbed book edge scanner as the 'centerpiece' of one of their Knowledge Imaging Center self-service scanning systems.  KIC is the user interface software.  KIC is also available with Bookeye 4 as the 'centerpiece' as well as other book scanners that DLSG offers as 'centerpieces' of KIC systems.  All models are available with or without KIC custom metal ADA compliant cabinetry with built in heavy duty USB port.  DLSG recently introduced a few low-cost face-up models called KIC Click Mini.  Minis COST ABOUT THE SAME as either company's flatbed book edge and are FIVE TIMES FASTER because you don't have to lift the lid of the flatbed scanner and 'flip books'.  One of the Bookeye KICs, the Bookeye 4 V3, is (easily) comparable to the Zeta.

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We have a KIC scanner system as well, and it has proven very popular and easy to use.

Daniel Starnes
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We are quite happy with our KIC BookEye.

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We are looking into getting a scanner for public use that would do books easily and save to USB drives or email. Any suggestions on good, simple to use, rugged machines.

David Burch
Head of Library Computing Services
Loyola Law School--Los Angeles
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