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Daniel Starnes dstarnes at law.cwsl.edu
Fri Nov 6 10:52:44 EST 2015

Yes, we allow printing to these printers via port 9100 without using a
separate dedicated VLAN.


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Howdy fellow 'noids,

After many years of Lexis printing at UNM law, our central Security group
decided that opening an IP-to-IP connection from LX/NX to a printer on port
9100 is such a security risk to the UNM network that they simply deleted
that firewall rule in August - and didn't even let us know. After weeks of
troubleshooting with Lexis, we finally determined what had happened and
assumed it was because they had migrated the firewall rules to an edge
firewall recently, and they simply missed that rule. Nope. They are
insisting that it's such a significant security risk that they will not
allow it even with a hardened printer. After pushing back at them, they
finally came up with a "solution" that involves them building a vlan just
for this service. And they want to charge us $540 to fix what they broke in

I have absolutely no intention of paying for this. From what we understand,
we are the only law school whose security group feels that this is such a
huge risk that they are insisting on jumping through hoops to make it
happen. I'd like to conduct just a quick poll to garner support for when I
bump this up to the Dean to take to the Provost. Can you please reply to
this email with a "yes" if you allow Lexis printing through a firewall rule
without a VLAN? Of course, if you'd like to add commentary, that is always




Cyndi Johnson

Director/Assistant Dean for Information Technology

UNM School of Law

(505) 277-0695


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