[teknoids] Cobranet anyone? Audio over IP question.

Edward Myers Jr. ed.myers at temple.edu
Wed May 20 08:29:07 EDT 2015

All of the solutions you mentioned would probably work fine depending on
the range. Especially since you're really talking point to point one way
transmission. What's your max distance from your headend to the speaker
locations? If you're within 500ft end to end, Rane's RAD products would be
a perfect fit: http://www.rane.com/hal/rads.html

As long as you're serious about not needing video...
On May 20, 2015 2:24 AM, "Bohl, Phillip C." <Phillip.Bohl at pepperdine.edu>

> Ok, my ignorance is showing…
> Anyone have any thoughts or experience with pushing audio around (think
> building-wide PA system) using cobranet or AVB?
> I want to distribute live and recorded audio to three rather large and
> disparate zones in and around our building.  AND I want to use ethernet
> (perhaps Cat7a) AND I want to do it on the "cheap."  Nice parameters eh?
> 7 to ten locations — probably only going to use 4 or 5 at one time
> immediately — so can scale up over time as needed.
> Present plan is to use portable (amplified?) speakers (no built-ins) in
> the short term that will plug into wall jacks (which would also involve
> some kind of cobranet type receiver that breaks out to XLR or RCA or
> something else.  Initially was thinking of HDBaseT stuff but if Cobranet or
> AVB is better for short term solution, I'm very interested.
> All cables home run to a single switch room (not planning to integrate
> with the building's network — early thinking is that this will be a
> separate network.
> Inputs: one Mic, one MP3 player
> Outputs: 4-5 amplified free standing/portable speakers (mono is just fine)
> Not really worried about latency but less is better.
> Thinking Cat7a b/c it appears to be a good solution for pushing around 4k
> video should we ever get there.  Cat6 is our building standard.
> Thanks,
> Phil
> Pepperdine Law
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