[teknoids] Replacements for Yahoo Pipes?

Lyonette Louis-Jacques llou at uchicago.edu
Mon Jun 15 14:06:23 EDT 2015

Dear teknoids - forwarding a posting from my French colleague, Emmanuel Barthe.  In the post, he asks:

« Did I miss something ? Do you know about any simple tool that could replace the "RSS mashup" function of Yahoo Pipes ? I'm interested in free as well as paid for services. »
Any answers for him?  Merci!  :)  Cheers, Lyo.

Emmanuel Barthe, Any Yahoo Pipes true substitute out there ?, precisement.org 10 June 2015

The future loss of Yahoo Pipes in August this year will be a major blow to the monitoring/research community and also web site authors looking for selected content. Its ability to combine and filter multiple RSS feeds into one feed remains unique among free hosted services. This post will focus on how we could replace Yahoo Pipes for these functions.
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