[teknoids] Drupal and Ubercart for e-commerce

Matthew L. Zimmerman mlz4 at law.georgetown.edu
Mon Jul 27 15:02:59 EDT 2015

I'm working on a Drupal site where we're selling user roles that permit access to restricted content. We've been trying to use Ubercart to allow unauthenticated users to select the role they want, hop out to Paypal to pay, and then come back to the site and get started.

However, in our testing none of the orders ever get to completion. We're using the PayPal sandbox, and as far as we can tell it's configured correctly. A less pressing problem is that the way Ubercart passes users back to our site is inelegant. It would require users to fill out the user registration form separately from the e-commerce process.

Anybody have advice on integrating Ubercart, PayPal, and Drupal? We're open to other approaches as well.

PS: I'm happy to have this conversation in the #drupal channel on the Teknoids Slack site. I'll keep an eye out in case anyone responds over there.

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