[teknoids] Communal communications, how do you do it?

JoEllen Childers jchilders at uga.edu
Sun Jul 19 19:20:13 EDT 2015

Greetings to all from a hoping-for-something-better summertime oasis of the mind . . .

Here at Georgia Law, we remain largely reliant on a "honeycomb" of listservs  < law.uga.edu/official-georgia-law-listservs > for law school community communications - especially among and between law school groupings of faculty, staff and administrators.

We are wondering:  which channels are important at your law school?

Does your community employ fac/staff/admin groupings that seem to be useful? (Especially as relates to visiting profs, adjuncts, retired faculty) If so, how do you title these groupings?

Is anyone actively using a tool/software/whatever that allows a message sender readily to customize addressing? (Maybe an awesome click-click-click selection tool which, in turn, allows that on-the-fly selection to be transformed into addressing?)

Short or longer replies welcomed. If anything interesting emerges offline, I will post at least a summary.

Thanks, --JoEllen
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