[teknoids] Anyone using ExamSoft's multiple choice question bank and assessment tools?

James Callison callison at hamilton.law.ou.edu
Fri Jul 17 15:47:28 EDT 2015

On 7/13/2015 5:35 PM, Elmer Masters wrote:
> This thread is nearly 2 years old, but I thought I'd blow the dust
> off it and see if anyone else has looked at or is using ExamSoft
> tools for anything other than essay finals.

We used it for both a SWAG test (PR) and an essay exam for the first 
time this summer. We haven't done anything with the analytics, but we 
had students at remote locations (yay, externships), and use of Softest 
was required for them.

For various reasons, we didn't put the questions in the exams when we 
started with Examsoft, then Examsoft changed the terms and we couldn't. 
These pilot projects were driven solely by the remote students, but the 
professor who used it for PR likes data analysis, and is interested, at 
the very least, in using it in his future classes to refine his teaching.

Of course, half of the on-site students in PR opted to take their exams 
on a Scantron sheet (the remote students had no choice), and none of 
them opted for the iPad option. I thought that was odd, as the multiple 
choice functionality in Softest-M is quite nice...

It's too early to tell if the pilot was successful, but we'll have to 
figure it out pretty quick, as it's coming up on time to renew. Right 
now, laptop exams don't cost us anything other than time, as the 
students pay Examsoft directly for their licenses, but if we go with the 
features that make this all work, we'll have to pay something--and that 
may be a hard sell under the current (and projected) budget conditions...


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