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Pertinent to the ongoing discussion…part of this refers to the citation Will made earlier. But there’s an upcoming webinar, too.

I commented thusly some months ago, but our administration has remained surprisingly uninterested in the new ABA standard, interpreting it to mean that *some* courses should use formative assessment while others can continue using the traditional final exam model. That’s actually how the standard reads:


A law school shall utilize both formative and summative assessment methods in its curriculum to measure and improve student learning and provide meaningful feedback to students. 23

Interpretation 314-1 Formative assessment methods are measurements at different points during a particular course or at different points over the span of a student’s education that provide meaningful feedback to improve student learning. Summative assessment methods are measurements at the culmination of a particular course or at the culmination of any part of a student’s legal education that measure the degree of student learning.
Interpretation 314-2 A law school need not apply multiple assessment methods in any particular course. Assessment methods are likely to be different from school to school. Law schools are not required by Standard 314 to use any particular assessment method.

My colleagues went on to explain that since our 1st year writing curriculum *does* include a fair amount of formative assessment, without the use of any software or question banks, we needn’t worry about using ExamSoft to address and meet the new standards. I think the establishment position among most faculty (and not just here) is quite remarkably unconcerned with this, honestly. I’m sure there are some progressive thinkers among faculty ranks who see it differently, of course.


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Hi Doug,

As a follow up to last week’s email, here is an update on our list of scheduled events.

Formative Assessment Blog and Video Series

Presenter: Aaron Dewald, Associate Director of the Center for Innovation in Legal Education, The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law

Over the next few weeks, Aaron will chronicle, in a series of video blogs, an important part of the assessment process - the creation and validation of exam questions. His introductory post and video, Numbers everywhere: An Introduction to Item Analysis<http://go.examsoft.com/e/15302/introduction-to-item-analysis-/3rclx4/487371117> is now available for viewing. Subsequent emails will follow with links to Aaron’s video blogs. At the end of the series, Aaron will host a Twitter Chat to open the table for Questions, Comments, and continued discussion on the topics covered in his videos.

The Use of Formative Assessment in Legal Education Webinar<http://go.examsoft.com/e/15302/ive-assessment-legal-education/3rclx6/487371117>

Tuesday, July 21, 2:00-3:00pm ET

Presenter: Tommy Sangchompuphen, Associate Dean for Student Learning and Assessment, Lincoln Memorial University, Duncan School of Law

This webinar will examine the different kinds of assessments that a law school can administer using ExamSoft in order to seriously measure its success in meeting the outcomes that it has identified as appropriate to its mission. Click here<http://go.examsoft.com/e/15302/ive-assessment-legal-education/3rclx6/487371117> to register for next week’s event.

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