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Bohl, Phillip C. Phillip.Bohl at pepperdine.edu
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At Pepperdine Law we have seven walkup Windows PC stations (six for standing, one for wheelchair access) and another ten that are sort of "lab" systems (they're just on open tables in a reading room area).

All of these systems are in the law library.  They get a fair amount of use — we find that many students will use the "lab" systems with their laptop as a second computer while they are researching.  Having plenty of space for the laptop to sit beside the "lab" system has proven to be very helpful to our students.

None of the systems require authentication and none have a time limit.  We do get a few public patrons who attempt to camp at a station but not so many we have felt the need to change the setup — we address those challenges as they arise.

They are fairly open systems that auto login to  a basic user account (normal user restrictions).  We have scripts that we have developed that run periodically to remove temp files and other materials that may get stored on the desktop or elsewhere.

You can print using our Pharos printing system but that system requires authentication (popup box) when you send a print job.  Only law students have credentials to print.  We issue credentials for printing to conference attendees if that is required by the conference organizers.

We have the MS Office suite, the usual browsers, as well as other typical software installed.

We have had very few problems.  We recently upgraded all the stations to Dell all-in-ones which seem to be doing great.

Wishing everyone (especially Cindy) a terrific weekend!

Pepperdine Law

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Just a quick poll. How many of you have implemented quick access, walkup computer workstations at your law schools? If so, do you restrict how long they can be used? We are exploring these (due to popular demand!) and need to determine what, if any, restrictions we should put on their use (other than you must be a law student).
If you have any other input you’d like to share, especially how well they are working out, I’d love to hear from you.

Cyndi Johnson
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