[teknoids] "Walkup" student computers

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We have a mixture.
There are some computers that anyone with a UNC Chapel Hill ID can log into.   No time limits.
We have some that are restricted to Law School students, faculty and staff.  Same campus ID login.  No time limits.
We have 5 computers using envisionware that anyone with a UNC library card can  log into.   Non-university patrons can get a login for these 5 computers from the circulation desk.  These have a one hour limit.
We have one computer that autologs in.   It is limited to a list of legal research websites.  It will not work with game sites or most email sites.
There are also a couple of WestPac computers that are autologin, but they are only used for WestPac.

Steven Melamut
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We still have a student computer lab, where a student can log in and use the computer.  Even though just about everyone has a laptop, these computers still get a significant amount of traffic.  We also have OPAC stations where students can search the book catalog.  We don't have just a station that is open and ready for someone to walk up and start computing.  At least not yet.

Daniel Starnes
Student Network Systems Manager
California Western School of Law<http://www.cwsl.edu/>
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Just a quick poll. How many of you have implemented quick access, walkup computer workstations at your law schools? If so, do you restrict how long they can be used? We are exploring these (due to popular demand!) and need to determine what, if any, restrictions we should put on their use (other than you must be a law student).
If you have any other input you'd like to share, especially how well they are working out, I'd love to hear from you.

Cyndi Johnson
Director/Assistant Dean for Information Technology
UNM School of Law
(505) 277-0695

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