[teknoids] Request for a CALI session - Google Script for Google Apps

Ginsberg, Deborah dginsberg at kentlaw.iit.edu
Thu Feb 5 15:14:18 EST 2015

We're just getting started with learning how Google Scripts work in our law
library and we'd like to learn more.  We're particularly interested in
creating scripts that work between apps (e.g. scripts that pull data out of
a spreadsheet and format it into a readable document).  We'd also like to
create scripts that mimic the functions of add-ons that we can't access in
our Google Apps for Education environment (like mail merge for letters).
Are there any Google Script experts who would be interested in presenting
about this at CALI?


Debbie Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian
IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library
565 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL, 60661, 312-906-5673,
dginsberg at kentlaw.iit.edu  <dginsberg at kentlaw.iit.edu>
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