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Hey, 'noids,

Here's the official CALIcon15 Call for Speakers.  I hope we will see you in
Denver this June!  - Sarah


The 25th Annual Conference for Law School Computing
Sturm College of Law, University of Denver
Thursday - Saturday, June 18-20, 2015

Conference website at http://conference.cali.org/2015

For the 25th Annual Conference for Law School Computing® (aka CALIcon), we
wanted a theme that embraced the changes and opportunities in Legal
Education. Yes, we are in a crisis, but we are also in the middle of one of
the most innovative and experimental periods in legal education history.
The freedom and encouragement to change our pedagogies and curricula has
been given like never before. Flipped classrooms, experiential learning,
incubators, formative assessment - the list goes on and on.

With so many changes and techniques, we couldn’t pick just one for a theme.

So we picked them all.

The theme for this year's conference is...



We are looking for law school faculty, librarians, and technologists with
strong opinions, great ideas, interesting projects and useful advice to
present at CALIcon.  We deliberately ask for presentations at this
seemingly late date in order to get the most cutting edge ideas and
techniques for our attendees.  So come share and be challenged. If you are
willing and able to speak, your conference registration fee is just $95!

To propose a session, just visit http://conference.cali.org/2015, create an
account if you didn’t attend last year’s CALIcon, login, and click on the
“Propose a session” link. All sessions are 1 hour long. Please be advised
that all sessions are recorded and posted online.

Sessions need to be submitted by *Friday April 3, 2015* through the CALI
conference website.


We are going to use community voting to help with selecting sessions again
this year. Your votes let us know which sessions you would like to see on
the conference agenda. Starting on Friday April 3, 2015, voting will be
opened and will remain open for 2 weeks through Friday April 17, 2015. The
number of votes for a session will be taken into consideration as part of
the session acceptance process and to help with scheduling. To vote you
will just need to login to the conference website and vote for the sessions
you would like to see on the agenda. You do not need to be registered for
the conference to vote.

We will notify speakers via email by May 1, 2015 if their session is
accepted. The listing of accepted sessions will be posted on the conference
website on May 1, 2015.

Conference hotel and registration information will be available at


$295 for attendees from CALI member law schools
$695 for attendees from non-CALI member institutions
$95 for speakers from CALI member schools
$495 for speakers from non-CALI member schools
FREE for CALI Authors and CEB members


2015 Conference hashtag is #CALICon15

Follow CALI on Twitter at www.twitter.com/CALIorg

Subscribe to the CALI Blog at spotlight.cali.org
for updates.

Questions, problems, ideas, suggestions, contact Elmer Masters -
emasters at cali.org.

Sarah Glassmeyer | Director of Community Development
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction/CALI
565 West Adams, Chicago, IL  60661
312-906-5316 | 312-906-5280 - fax
sarah at cali.org
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