[teknoids] Can legal tech skills help?

Gabriel Teninbaum gteninbaum at suffolk.edu
Thu Aug 27 11:41:28 EDT 2015

Well put, Grace.

The reality, as I see it, is that the bubble at megafirms is popping, and that freaks out folks like the author of that piece, whose white shoe world is crumbling.  At the same time, the most recent data I've seen reflects that about 90% of people who go to family and probate courts do so unrepresented, including on really important matters (like child custody).  Middle class people go without representation, or go for quasi-representation using LegalZoom.

The problem isn't too many lawyers; the problem is too many schools training students to only want to become a specific sort of dying breed of lawyer.  Grads seems themselves as someone to be employed, not someone with a professional skillset that they need no one to give them permission to go and use.

At my school, Suffolk Law, we have an academic concentration in law practice technology, as well as an "Accelerator" (an in-house, for-profit law firm that teaches students who to create a tech-driven, agile, profitable law practice of their own).  We're having great success with it because we simply stopped trying to chase where the jobs aren't, and started focusing on where students' futures ARE...and a major part of that is the use of legal tech to become efficient practitioners who better represent middle-class clients.


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I think we do have to do more.  I'm teaching a class this semester - Technology and the Practice of Law.

New grads are already considered "expensive" as they require so much training as new attorneys.  Technology instruction can hopefully give them a bit of a boost.

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This article paints a grim picture for the students we're helping prepare for legal careers. How can we, as IT professionals working in law schools, help our students differentiate themselves in a very tough job market? One way, I would argue, is by lobbying for, helping faculty create and, where possible, teaching or co-teaching more law practice technology courses.


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