[teknoids] Thoughts on an Open Book Final Exam - and a Kindle Casebook

Bohl, Phillip C. Phillip.Bohl at pepperdine.edu
Mon Aug 24 20:31:43 EDT 2015

Hello and welcome to the new year!

I'm wondering if any of you have run into this and what you said/did.

>From one of our faculty:

"One of my students informed me that he purchased the civ pro casebook for my class via Kindle.  For my open book final exam, I allow any books that are listed on the course syllabus (but no others).  Any thoughts on how to monitor it so that this student can access his casebook on Kindle during the final exam but no others?"

It seems to me that it is at the very least impractical to try to limit access to a single title on a Kindle.

Wishing you a terrific week,

Pepperdine Law

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