[teknoids] Survey Results - Final Exams Moving Towards Being Entirely Paperless?

David Hanson david.hanson at drake.edu
Mon Apr 13 10:52:12 EDT 2015

Thanks to all who participated!


1.  How are students provided with exam questions?
Exam questions are provided in paper - 22
Exam questions are provided in paper and embedded into the exam software - 7
Exam questions are embedded into the exam software - 2

2. How does a professor receive and grade exam answers?
The exams are printed on paper for the professor to grade - 21
The professor has the option to grade in paper or online - 10

3. What exam software product does your law school use?
Examsoft - 16
Exam4 - 8
Electronic Bluebook - 5
None - 1
Unknown - 1

Full results with comments is available at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11IKUrxQbkJ1E8R9RtvbOJN-95RzNjZ5l4RHG_suMrg0/edit?usp=sharing

David Hanson
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email: david.hanson at drake.edu<mailto:david.hanson at drake.edu>

I have been asked to survey if final exams are moving towards being entirely paperless at other law schools. Please fill in this very short Google form.  I will share the results with everyone. Thank you very much!

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