[teknoids] Securing classroom accessories?

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We put wireless keyboards in four of our rooms and bought a number of extras in the event that something goes missing.  That was over a year ago and we still haven't lost any.  We have a somewhat remote location so we probably don't have the traffic other schools may have so this may not be something you would want to do.  I must say I'm surprised that we still have them in place.

One thing we did was hide the USB transceiver in the back of the PC which is a rack-mount unit stowed in a small furniture rack.


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Does anyone have any good ideas for securing classroom accessories like a wireless keyboard?

We have a few small classrooms without a podium for a built-in PC. So far they’ve only had a VGA/HDMI connection available for anyone who brings their own laptop. Now we’re interested in having a built-in PC but still no podium or set instructor’s station. The PC will have no separate monitor (projector only) and we’d like to have it stashed out of sight (or at least out of the way), leaving only a wireless keyboard with a trackpad for use pretty much anywhere in the classroom. Nice thing about wireless keyboards is they’re wireless. Bad thing about wireless keyboards is, they’re wireless.

We’ve thought about checkout for the keyboard (too inconvenient), a locking drawer (issuing every instructor a key and expecting them to keep up with them, always lock up after etc seems problematic), and just leaving it out and hoping for a low rate of loss. Where’s the good solution that we’re missing?


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