[teknoids] Distance Learning setup

Tom Ryan tomryan at camlaw.rutgers.edu
Thu Sep 25 11:38:52 EDT 2014

We are installing a Polycom Immersive Room. I agree that there is much
change in the space as a whole (We use Adobe Connect, Vidyo, Lifesize,
ClearSea, BigBlueButton, Hangouts and now Polycom¹s Immersive among

There are several tools available to you. Pick which works best for your


On 9/25/14, 11:14 AM, "John Mayer" <jmayer at cali.org> wrote:

>There are so many options these days.  It will depend on what you want to
>Are you doing synchronous video between the two locations?
>If yes, is this person to person or person to classroom?
>Does the teacher need to see ALL the students in the classroom or just
>a wide shot?
>I was just at the Working Group for Distance Learning in Legal
>Education meeting at William Mitchell last week and some of the
>products I heard about that meet this need that were mentioned...
>Adobe Connect
>Of course, there is GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar if 1 to many and everyone is
>All of these are being used by at least one school, but Adobe Connect
>got lots of mention.  I suspect they have sold institution-level
>subscriptions to lots of folks.  Vidyo and Zoom.us are the
>up-and-comers - several people loved these services.   Low
>install.equipment issues.
>Everyone agreed that videoconferecing a la Polycom/etc is dead.   I
>know some schools on this list have the Cisco telepresence system
>installed, but that's quite an infrastructure investment which doesn't
>sound like your situation.
>On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 7:25 AM, Harold Bieber <harold.bieber at gmail.com>
>> I have been tasked with setting up distance learning between the
>>Atlanta and
>> Savannah campuses of John Marshall Law School. If you have setup some
>> of distance learning environment let me know.
>> Did you outsource any/all of it?
>> What type of equipment are you using?
>> Software packages?
>> I am sure I will have follow up questions also. The dean is looking for
>> something more robust than a skype session. :)
>> Thanks
>> Harold Bieber
>> Director of Information Technology
>> Atlanta's John Marshall Law School
>> hbieber at johnmarshall.edu
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